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Name: Isuru Bimsara Gunasekara

Email: bimsaragunasekara@gmail.com

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Address: D-2, Mallanda, Nawalapitiya 20650, SRI LANKA

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I designed and developed this website for my school as a project to partially fullfil the requirements of GCE advance level

examination in 2017. The main objective to develope a website was not only merely for getting through the assignment for

the Advanced level examination. What i wanted was to create a dynamic website where students, parents, teachers as well as

alumnis can interact with the school and each other through this platform, which everyone can be benifited in various ways.

This is only a small step towards the usage of state of the art technology for development of all parties. This also would

good opportunity to all alumnis to get together and rally around our school to help to develop our school in many ways. I also invite

all alumnis to upload their details to alumni database which will provide a platform to interact and exchange the ideas among

the alumnis towards achiving our objective.

Thank You,

Isuru Bimsara Gunasekara


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Telephone: 94-512-242-234
Email: info@gccedu.lk
Website: www.gccedu.lk

Peragolla Road,
Sri Lanka

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