GCC Alumni Association


  • To encourage, foster, promote and contribute towards affiliation between the GCC and its alumni and, among the alumni members.
  • To provide financial and other assistance for the development and academic excellence of the GCC students.
  • To create, maintain and develop sound relationships between the GCC and the public, private and non-government organizations through alumni.
  • To organize and promote welfare activities to support the alumni members, undergraduates, and staff of the GCC.
  • To pursue any other activities consistent with the above aims and objectives of the Association for the advancement of the GCC.

  • President's Message

    Welcome all GCCIANS,
    As President of the GCC Alumni Association, and on behalf of all the members of the PPA, I welcome you to GCC Alumni Association. Our association is one of more than 10000 alumni associations throughout the country. GCC alumni share a special bond. No matter how far we may be from our school, there is always a strong connection to our alma mater and its alumni. The GCC Alumni Association is no exception.

    Be Connected

    If you have not already done so, we encourage you to follow the link on our home page to be added to our association database. We also encourage you to join us on Facebook and LinkedIn pages. On our Facebook page, you will find pictures of many of our events.

    Get Involved

    Our association takes pride in planning a diverse slate of sporting, cultural, community service, and student-related events. We host game watches for all of the football games, many of the cricket matches, and support any of the Wolverine teams.

    Become a Member

    Although membership is not generally required for most events, we do offer significant discounts on many events and other benefits. A portion of your membership dues are returned to the GCC Alumni Association, which allows us to better serve our local alumni.

    Make a GCC a Difference

    If you have questions or concerns about GCC Alumni Association, please feel free to contact me, or any of the other board members. Please also contact me if you are interested in organizing an event or becoming active with our board. You may have left GCC but GCC never leaves you.
    Go Blue!
    GCC Alumni Association

    Secretary's Message

    GCC ALUMNI MEET every year at GCC. I hope it is a great opportunity to meet your classmates and relish past memories. The college has been generating more competent students since 1945. The students of GCC are placed all over the world. The college has been changed tremendously over the years for the welfare of the society. In my perspective, to fill the gap between the academic and the society, it is vital to maintain interaction with the alumni members. The ideas of alumni members are required to revamp the academic curriculum. It is very happy that the college is providing a platform to interact and exchange the ideas among the friends.
    Secretary, GCC

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    Telephone: 94-512-242-234
    Email: info@gccedu.lk
    Website: www.gccedu.lk

    Peragolla Road,
    Sri Lanka

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